Doux Frangosul S.A. Agro Avícola Industrial is one of Brazil's biggest chicken/pork meat producer with 18% market share and its 425.000 tons/year production quantity.

As a pioneering brand in the chicken sector of Brazil, we operate with 24 breeding farms, 2 hatcheries, 3 feed plants.
Our company has started its operation in 1970 by contract manufacturing frozen whole chicken for several international brands 

Our growing export output has enabled us to establish Doux Frangosul S.A. Agro Avícola Industrial brand in 2010 and introduce it to both Asian and West African .

Doux Frangosul S.A. Agro Avícola Industrial frozen foods rapidly increasing customer portfolio has helped us to enter Russian Federation market in 2014 . With our no compromise approach to quality and competitive prices we continue to look for trading partnerships that will be fruitful to all parties involved.

Our Quality and Food Safety Policy

As Doux Frangosul S.A. Agro Avícola Industrial, we have the basic principle, as part of our Food Safety and Quality Policy, that our egg or chicken meat or port products fit health and hygiene requirements. We strive to reach perfection in our product and production processes, and we enforce many management system standards, national and international.

With that in mind, we adopt Innovative, high quality, healthy, and hygenic products that increase our consumers' life quality, Using modern and advanced technologies, and moving with quality, sustainability, and food safety in mind,

Employing the first principle of zero errors, and management by objectives, in all processes,
Complying with all laws, legal regulations, and obligations concernin our products, facilities, and companies,

Consistent betterment and improvement by supporting our national and international standards compliant quality assurance system with technologies advancements,
Preparing an environment where everybody seeks for perfection in work, using training for all our personnel, and empowering in-house communication and team work,
Working cooperatively, efficiently and constructively with both our customers and suppliers, meeting all our stakeholders' expectations to the highest quality level possible, throughly and in-time,

Using methods and technologies that do not harm nature, as part of our Food Safety and Quality Policy.